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Ok, /a/, I really need your help. You do from time to time get casual requests of "recommend anime plox" threads, but those are just casual watchers. I like my anime just like people like a greasy burger or hot sex. It's a vice.

I've watched plenty of anime, to the point I can see many anime share a common equation that at this point in time I cannot stand. The equation consists of some HS kid, living out a fairly normal life, when something extraordinary happens, changing his life forever. Usually the main character is male, and knows a female character since childhood. They develop a romance, and she gets dip into shit. He's usually upbeat and "everything will turn out to be alright." I'm sick of it! This might be the reason why I like anime that don't follow this equation.

Sorry for the longwided intro, but I need you /a/ to recommend some anime that "gets" to you; that makes me feel something. Depressing anime manages to do this, but I don't want to be limited to depressing anime (even though I enjoy it). I want anime that will make me tense, cry my eyes out, rejoice, and overall feel strong emotions. In this light, I have seen the following anime:

KURAU Phantom Memory

...just to list a few. I am currently finishing 'ima, soko ni iru boku' which is supposedly harsh.

This anon thanks you in advance. どうもありがとう

tl;dr -- please recommend some anime that generates strong feelings on the person watching.