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OK /a/, I just finished Tsugumi's ending in Ever17, my first real/good ending after i got the bad end 2 days ago. (slowpoke.sh etc)
Retrospectively, I have to say that while the first 5 days were mostly shit served with a copisous amount of CHICKEN SANDWHICHES, the last parts kind of impressed me. I didn't baaaw though.
Since i already did the first 2 days of Kids route as well, which seem to be on a similar level in terms of unneccessary filler crap, I inquire of you why i shall contionue with Ever17. I already know that Coco'ss path will entail an abundance of bricks to be shat, but before that, i have to crawl through 3 more storys. Is that really worth it? I won't use other saves just to get right to Cocos path, and just skipping through the other storys is not an option either.

Please enlighten me with your wise advice, Anonymous.