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I miss the real anime club; I'm talking about the original purpose of the anime club. Back when it was run by a true otaku who knew somebody who knew somebody who knew somebody that lived in Japan and that person would tape a episode or a set of episode and send it to his friend in America. That person would then get his group together (probably an anime club) and subtitle the anime. When done subbing, the subs would be sent to the club's friends (which includes the club otaku and probably only consisted of anime club presidents and at the small price of the tape(s) and shipping with no profit to the subbers) who would distribute the subbed anime to the other members in the club.

The anime club was something beautiful back then and was the main reason why we have this much anime here nowadays. However, the real purpose of the anime club faded with the rise of Internet file-sharing and turned to the shit we see today; also, the process of subbing itself lost a lot of its beauty and is now just a free-for-all grab and bitch fest.