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Kaiji deserves your vote. Kaiji has displayed far more manly skills than Hosaka. Most of the
arguments I see for Hosaka are 'But he does it all for a girl! He's devoted!!' But if we remember back to Valentine's day, it was labeled as 'GARentine's day' by many. Threads about how real men don't need women, men can't let themselves be held back by women, etc. If this is the case than how is there all of this support for Hosaka?
Kaiji has been close to being sold into slavery and used his survival skills to make it back out again. He even saved a man at the cost of an even larger debt.
Kaiji made it over the beam sticking to his moral beliefs and didn't push anyone out of his way despite his absolute need for money to better his situation.
Another argument I have seen is 'Well, Hosaka would never get himself get in that situation'
First, who's to say? Second, that's irrelevant. We focus on what has happened. That's a desperation argument used when a good point is being made.
Once again, with the second beam so many stories up we see Kaiji being gar.
He rallies up everyone to help them across the beam. Even while on the beam he urges them on while dealing with a panic attack.
Once again, he survived in a life or death situation.
Another argument I see is 'He's a cry baby'.
So what? It's a basic human reaction. Everyone has cried. Does his crying take away the legitimacy of his actions? Of course not.
Why is everyone voting for Hosaka? He's never been in a life or death situation. Kaiji has to face down people who are criminals, the yakuza even, while all Hosaka has to deal with is a girl liking him or not. It's fine to like him more but liking him more does not make him more gar. Kaiji has displayed so much one could find manly. More manly than going up a hill in snow. Voting for Kaiji is making the right choice.