Shigofum ep6

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Seriously /a/, this was the dumbest shigofumi ep yet. Come on all those animes showing bullying (like this ep, certain eps of Jigoku Shojo, etc.) are ludicrous:
- In japan, it seems, you cannot under no circumstances switch schools.
- Talking with teachers, parents or maybe friends? Sorry this would ruin your social status (Not that you can get any "lower" when everyone is bullying you).
- The _whole_ class (ok I suppose sometimes it may be like that) has nothing better to do than entertain you 24/7? Come on.
- And do never ever talk back or something. Always be a weeping faggot who doesnt do anything.
- And when considering suicide: Why? You could always bring THEM down first.

The only good thing about this ep was that he had at least enough balls to pick up the screwdriver and put it to use, but we all know: If you are in desperate need of one, there will ever be a screwdriver how unlikely the place may be.