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A day or so ago I was watchin' StrikerS and like, these total fuckin' bull-dykes just invade shit. At first you think they're straight but then they're like WE'RE LESBIANS and then they start fuckin' dykin' out. And I'm thinking "damn, son." These bitches have NUTS. Maybe dicks. I'm not gonna ask, man. But anyway these cunts were hardCORE. So like, after I reviewed Marimite one of you Anonymous motherfuckers told me that there was a whole anime about like, the place that these crazy-ass dykes go to work. Like where they TRAIN to dyke out.

So I went down to the basement and I asked my little sister and her fuckin' little giggly friends (I slipped the Indiana Cocksausage to like three of them so far, high-five me son) and I says to them where can I find this anime with the school full of carpet-slobbers? And they start fuckin' giggling like always. Later that night, while her buddy Koneko-chan was blowing me, she fuckin' slipped me a DVD-R that said StrikerS on it. And some pictures of flowers and ^_^ faces and shit. Now any lady worth her tits knows that I need to be handled with two hands but I let it slide just this once. Score.