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Gainax announces Gurren-Lagann: The Missing Episodes, 8 scrapped storylines supposed to be part of the show yet were ultimately scrapped are now going to see the light of animation.

Episode 4.5: Set before they met Rossiu. Details how Kamina got the scraps used to create the little house they were carrying with them during the first arc.
Episode 7.5: To be seen before episode 8. Flashback detailing Simon's sad childhood in Jeeha village and how he met Kamina.
Episode 11.5: Under the moon, the Gurren-Dan crew narrate to Nia how they got their ganmen. Meanwhile, Viral listens Adiane mumbling in her sleep; understands her relationship with Thymilph.
Episode 17.5: To be viewed before episode 18. Narrates Dayakka's wedding with Kiyoh.
Episode 19.5: To be viewed before episode 20. Details Viral's role as a guerrilla warrior.
Episode 21.5: To be viewed before episode 22. Bizarre Nia-themed episode shown as a shadow theater, by guest writer Yoji Enokido. With surrealist details her inner psychological conflict as she became aware of her purpose as an Anti-Spiral.
Episode 23.5: To be viewed before episode 24. The complete story behind the little photograph of Simon and Nia shown in episode 23.
Episode 26.5: To be viewed before episode 27. Flashback to the Anti-Spiral civilization before they decided to become the Anti-Spiral.