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"W-w-what are you doing," she stammered, "p-pleeeEEEEE-sse stop!" Her voice trembled and broke as my fingers glided along the glorious mounds of flesh through her silken panties. "Please, I need this." My hands slid under the back of her underwear as I dug my fingers into the bottom of her plump immature ass. "Eaae-p-p-puh." "Listen to you, you can't even form a proper sentence anymore." I gently nuzzled my nose under her ear. "Why even bother to resist, I know what you want," I said gently kissing her neck. I quickly lifted up her shirt, holding it tight to her head leaving her soft vulnerable body exposed and effectively blindfolding her. Slowly, breathing heavily on her chest and throat, I aggressively bit her lower lip. She recoiled in shock, giving me the opportunity to move my weight on top of her pelvis, pinning her to the bed. As she flailed trying to free herself of the shirt that had been wrangled around her, I grabbed both nipples and carefully pinched with my nails. She screamed, louder than I expected, but did not make use of her strength as flame haze to throw me off or rip the shirt. It was rape, but somehow consensual. Only her immediate mindset drove her to resist. "P-please be gentle," she said quietly, looking away from me as she spoke. I leaned forward, this time giving her a real kiss. "There's no reason to be ashamed. I'm simply showing you how I feel."

*WHAM* The door slammed open. "Please remove yourself de arimasu." "Pervert." I found it strangely humorous that someone as disattached from humanity as Wilhelmina would dare to interrupt such social dance, and that Tiamet would back her up. "Calm down Wilhelmina, I was simply training her." "Eh," Shana uttered, once again glancing away. "Yes training her in case she should be captured, we down know what Bal Masque would do to her. Would you like to help?" Wilhelmina looked at Shana's trembling nude body. "I have a few ideas de arimasu."