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Naruto is a shining example of what all shounen should be. Each chapter is a new adventure with very few run-on fights or boring dialog. The story remains unparalleled in my book, so fast-paced and enthralling it will always leave you wanting more. Save a few (Rock Lee, Shikamaru), every character has depth akin to real people. You'll genuinely grow attached to Naruto, whose perseverance in the midst of adversity is nearly awe inspiring. Or Sasuke, who continues to struggle with feelings of worthlessness after the brutal massacre of his family. Each character's personal story is masterfully intertwined with the plot to form such a full-bodied story the likes of which has never been seen in manga before. On an end note, my only qualm is with the artwork. I must admit, I was hesitant reading Naruto at first due to the general lack of anatomy and poor backgrounds. However, the art does not affect the story much and improves with time.