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"Gundam this, Gundam that. All I hear when we're making love is 'I AM A GUNDAM! WHO'S YOUR GUNDAM, BITCH! YEAH, ME! MEEEEEEE!'. Allah Akbar, it gets old fast."

"Besides, you'd think if he was a Gundam he'd be really hung. Well, you'd be very wrong. He's got the smallest cockpit I've ever seen. And believe me, trying to get money by whoring myself out, I've seen my share of 'cockpits', if you catch my drift. And what's worse, he can't even get it erect 90% of the time. I guess his GN Drive is malfunctioning again."

"At this rate I'd make out better asking someone else for help. Maybe that Vowels fellow he's always mumbling about in his sleep is hung like a horse?"