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RON PAUL /a/holes

I was browsing Animus at best buy today and came across something that made everyone laugh at me as usual. (pic related)

It's called Step Up Love story and it's a 4 episode OVA about a young couple who are both virgins and when they got married they were awkward at sex, and it follows their misadventures of trying to make a romantic evening and to learn to be less clumsy at humping.

At first I thought it was a porno but then i realized it's at best buy and the closest thing to porno there is Elfen Lied (which we've all fapped to admit it)

The obvious comparison was me the 23yo virgin and my 20yo asian virgin fiance who are so clumsy at it that when i first got to suck her boobs, she was very grateful so much so she went down to suck my nipples. I told her it doesn't work that way but thanks for the thought.

Anyway, have you seen it? Should I buy it?