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Imagine your first time with her. Both of you recently had a quarrel. It was something about her being too dominative. But seeing how she is willing to do "it", you suppose she has forgiven you.

You proceed to take off her clothes. One by one, her delicate garments fall on the floor until she has nothing left other than her hat and gloves. You begin to caress her breasts, pinching her nipples to hear her elegnat voice moan. Behind her ears, down her neck, you kiss her everywhere you can. The taste of her skin is an aphrodisiac for you. "I think its time now", you whisper in her ear. "Go ahead", she replies in lovely voice.

The skin around your instrument quickly rolls back. The pulsating member begins to approach its destination. Just as your begin to enter, you feel a small poke in your anus. You pull back. "Whats wrong? Are you not ready?" Yukari replies in a lustful tone. You decide to pay no mind to what just happened before and decide to ram in at full force. At that moment, you begin to feel an undescribable pain in your anus, a sensation no man hopes to ever experiment. "Fufufufufu" you hear as Yukari begins to grin. "I hope you learned your lesson" she remarks. At this moment, you realize that the previous argument you considered as petty and unimportant, was considered as a great offense to her. From this moment, you began to acknowledge your place to her.