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Her legs, still clad in those pure white stockings, were wrapped around me. They clashed oddly with the black leather she wore. This inane thought came to me while she rode me.

"Please, just..." I stammered.

"What? Just what?" She gripped harder on my tied off cock.

"Let me come, please!"

"In me? I thought you chose her. Why would you want to come in me?" She grinned with sadistic pleasure. "No, I'm not good enough to for you to come in, apparently. But, since you were such a good little boy and asked so nicely, I'll let you use her."

Tugging on the chain in her hand, the collared Nagisa crawled forward. Her eyes were glazed over and she was smiling an idiot's mindless smile.

Still grinding her hips into me, Kyou asked, "So? Would you like to come in her, or me?"

I was losing my mind. It didn't matter anymore, but for some reason Nagisa's face came to mind. "Nagisa, please let me co-"

She whipped me across the face. Glowering she says, "Wrong answer."