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Hi /a/

Well a friend of mine introduced me to the manga Girls Saurus. I like it very much, but it doesn't have that lasting kick that manga like Ichigo 100% have had for me.

I'm just pretty frustrated because manga quite a few manga like Ai Kora have been popping out lately: there's an ending, but not really one, especially those harem manga that I'm fond of.

Girls Saurus is another example. It's a good manga, especially for my tastes, but come on, a man can only be gynophobic for so long.

I hate the cop-out that these mangaka implement. Bad as Ichigo 100%'s ending may be, at least it had a definite one - one can say that there's exactly one true winner.

Can any of you recommend manga with decent endings such as I''s, Ichigo 100%, and the like?
I've had enough of Ai Koras and of Girls Sauruses. :(