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haruhi-like ayaslut time

"Stupid whore, Aya, stupid whore!"

"Does she do that often?"

Rinnosuke turned to his customer with a mild look of amusement on his broad face, his well-fed cheeks uplifted by the ever-present grin.

"Not so much," he replied, "but she does respond to certain verbal cues. She’s been trained extremely well."

Even while he spoke, the black haired girl was squirming on the floor of her cell. Her face rubbed against the cold, damp stone and her small breasts were squashed under her own weight. Her knees folded up toward her chest, she stuck her behind up in the air and was waving her hips back and forth in a most enticing manner.

"What kind of cues?"

"Aya," bellowed Rinnosuke with a devilish smirk. "Squirt."

The winged slave-girl immediately stopped her squirming and rose upright, kneeling on the floor. Her legs spread wide apart as she arched her spine in an almost painful display of dexterity, the wide black wings on her back spreading out as far as they could in the cramped cell. Her bare skin glinted in the dim light, sweat pouring down her body like a waterfall, accentuating the tightly toned contours of her stomach and abdomen as the muscles quivered and spasmed beneath her perfectly pale skin. Aya’s hips bucked and rocked violently and her wings fluttered spasmodically. All the time, she kept her hands behind her, clasped at the small of her back as if they had been locked tightly together.

"Aya aya aya," she replied in a dumb squeal. "Aya aya aya!"

There was a lewd squelching sound from the cell and Aya threw back her head, mouth open, tongue rolling out stupidly, a look of utter rapture on her face as...