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Ok /a/, what are the last three anime that you finished watching? Why did you watch it and what did you think of it?

Watched: Noein
Why: Needed something to marathon through and Saw it on KAAs page. Had no idea what it would be about but vaguely remembered hearing it was good.
Thought: I liked the story line and the art style was cool, especially during the action scenes. The whole quatum mechanics thing wasn't as hard to follow as I expected. I wish they would have explained how Noein (or anyone else for that matter) got his haxx powers. Aside from telling that he was really emo, you never find out much about him. They could have explained the old man time traveler a bit better too.

Watched: Genshiken season 1
Why: Need to watch season 1 before you can watch two..
Thought: Why can't american anime clubs be like this? It doesn't have much of a direction as far as plot goes, but I like character driven shows so that's fine.

Watched: Speed Grapher
Why: Saw it in a recommendations thread.
Thought: A good idea badly handled. There were to many coincidences in character relations. The design team must have gotten lazy when they made Suitengu a Sephiroth clone.