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What I hate about anime fans is that when shit like <proper anime noun A> is made, they think it's a masterpiece because it takes humor from the "real-world" (mainstream) and by inputing it in an anime setting, automatically making it extremely <positive adjective A>; thus, shit like <proper anime noun A> becomes the "template and norm" of <anime related noun A>, thus making all <anime related noun A> shitty. Only those <anime related noun A> that sway from that tradition (counter-counter mainstream), are the only ones that have a chance of being funny, but soon becomes <positive adjective A>; once it is discovered by the general anime community, they then proceed to find this non traditional <anime related noun A> <positive adjective A>, thus this now becomes the "template and norm" of <anime related noun A> by the general anime related community. This causes the quality of <anime related noun A> to decrease and the cycle begins all over again.

Fill in the <variables> and you got the average, shitty anime community.