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BOULDER, Colo. – Graphic novel aficionado Kyle Buckley expressed disappointment earlier today when he visited an area Border’s bookstore and found a new layout that included a shift of the Manga section from the back corner to an area near the front cash registers.
Buckley, 28, regularly visits the store to browse its selection of graphic novels, often for hours at a time. However, the part-time Best Buy cashier worries he will not enjoy the same coveted privacy while exploring the Japanese-illustrated adventures he once did.
“All I want to do is read a little Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne in peace, facing the corner and not making eye contact,” Buckley said. “Now I feel like there always will be someone looking at me.” Buckley said the privacy the back corner provided was integral to immersing oneself into the story and becoming physically involved with the characters. “I’m afraid people will judge me because of my passion for erotic Japanese cartoons now that I have to read them in the front of the store.”
Store manager Scott Kinney commented on the changed store layout. “We found this new organization works much better for our customers. We now have a more clear separation of non-fiction and fiction as well as an expanded travel section. We put the graphic novels towards the front of the store to prevent some of those creepy guys from spending all night in the store.”
Added Buckley, “What am I supposed to do now? Buy them?”