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Ok I watched a few anime, mostly some who at least try to be intelligent and "deep". Nevertheless I also enjoyed less mature animation like Azumanga daioh and Love Hina (although this one is really stupid, the only cool parts are those with the indian girl).
So what's my point? While I really like watching anime, because some have really good storys and can be fun, I hate thos overreacting Otaku. Not because they are fixated on anime, but because of them anime is seen as some disease in society. Yesterday I met a pretty nice girl in a bar. We start talking and she asks me about my hobbys. I start with biking, climbing blabla and then >oh and i like anime<. She stares at me and walks away. I => O_o? wtf. Ok so here is message to all fans of japanese animation: don't mention it in a conversation with a hot girl, you want to fuck.