Kyou/Tomoyo thread part 2

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Damn it, where is my free internet? I posted both the Kyou and Tomoyo pastas. Oh yeah here is the other Kyou Pasta someone wanted.

Complete darkness. Somewhere in front of me, she was breathing rather heavily. Before my eyes could adjust to the light, all I could focus on was the rhythmic sound of her exhalation. Although she just got out of gym class, it was hard to mistake her breathing for exhaustion. Every cascade of air that escaped her open mouth was heavily laced with lust. I imagined her ample chest rising and falling with each excited breath, her quivering thighs shaking in anticipation. Pretty soon I started to breathe pretty hard, too.

Well, but seriously now. I just closed the door and you’re already like this?

Of course, I didn’t tell her that. She’d get mad at me pretty quickly if I did. That part of her is attractive too, but what I want right now is the Kyou that’s standing before me. The Kyou that hastily slid her bloomers away before I could even say anything. The Kyou that bent over hungrily before I could even do anything.

After all, I am a boy. I really am interested in these things.