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I don't get this. I know the woman at the end was Bernkastel and I know she's a witch and there are also two others, but that's all I know.

With that said, what the hell is going on? If that's Bernkastel, then she is pretty much Rika right? So what's the entire purpose of the Higurashi world when she can go back in time and completely change everything from happening by simply telling Miyo that she has a choice? Moreover, how the fuck did Miyo going with her parents let them live?

Also, what is this ZA WARUDO shit that I hear they changed? Apparently Hanyuu does it once in another arc and it fails, and Rika was supposed to do it in Matsuribayashi-hen? I'm assuming Rika has powers since she's Bernkastel but what exactly happened in that scene? I mean, after all this time, she finally decides "Hey, maybe I can just use my powers and fuck you up".