Anime is a lesser evil.

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I've heard many American people bitch about anime and how it ruined the entertainment industry. But far from it the entertainment industry was dead LONG before anime showed up and it actually PREVENTED a worse phenomenon in America. What do I mean?

Furries. Think about it. What was the most popular cartoons on in America before the advent of Pokemon? Tail Spin, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Lion King. Disney had this WHOLE furry thing going for them and since back in those days Disney was untouchable the idea of anthropomorphic animals wasn't just a standard of Saturday morning cartoons it almost became EXPECTED that you'd have furries in your cartoon to appeal to children.

So when you look at someone masturbating to pictures of Misty or hear how awesome Sasuke is. Don't wish anime had never been invented. After all they could have grown up with MUCH worse.