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Fuck, I'm really bored.

It's been like this for a while; nothing in between days to watch, so I suppose I must add more to my arsenal.

I'm mostly talking about stuff that's coming out at the moment.

Is H20 any good? Initial threads on /a/ were like, wtf, its shit, etc. But I havn't seen any in a while.

Rosario Vampire whatnot... people just say stupid fanservice, so I'd prefer to stay away from it.

Eclipse does 'Rental Magica', and I have no idea what it is, or if it's any good. What's /a/'s opinion?

What about the other anime of this season? Anything worth watching?

inb4 ghost slide.

Also, am already watching Kaiji, Shigofumi, Spice and Wolf, and Zoku SZS. All of which I find good/watchable/worth of time consumption.