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SaiGAR is the venereal disease that has been festering in /a/'s disgusting, reeking vagina for two fucking years now. From the beginning it has been plagued by women and inanimate objects. Proxies abound, as do troll posts on /a/, which has reduced our board's quality. This pitiful popularity contest's faggotry has also been exported to other websites, which have meddled in our affairs, causing irreparable damage to the integrity of the system. Floods of threads endorsing this or that pasty-faced shounen H-game lead are making /a/ totally unsightly. I am growing weary of the near-daily fanboyism that we as 4channers are supposed to quietly stand against. We have been inundated by clueless morons and their constant SaiGAR drivel. GAR itself is meaningless today. Very few of today's posters remember the original context of the term, much less how to correctly apply it. The deterioration of our subculture is appalling.

TL;DR: Fuck you.