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People often cling to the idea of hope. They think that hope is the one thing that will save them in situations of ultimate despair. They think that if they cling to that one thing, they'll be able to make it through whatever dangerous situations they're put in.

But they're wrong! Hope is not a 'thing'! It's a 'they'! People are hope! People might think that the connection with others is hope, but the source of hope is still the person others rely on to provide them with that hope!

Kaiji-san! You are not like me. You are the type of person that will make it through anything. You are the type that has the inner strength that truly counts. Because of that, you will go far. You will rise above the others and become a star! You are that brave hero that will surely become a star!

You survived the Espoir, the ship of hope, because you truly embody the idea of hope! You became a star at the top of the Starside Hotel because you truly shine as brightly and strongly as the stars in the sky!

Kaiji-san... You can do it! You can win SaiGar 2008!