Manga you have never heard talked about on /a/

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I read alot of manga, just because it takes less then 5 minutes too read a chapter and its easier then watching anime on my eyes for some reason.

And now that I think about it there are a whole lot of cool series /a/ never talks about or if it does its barely a mention.

Stuff like
King of thorns (great artstyle and crazy story)
akumetsu (hilarious, violent, and gar)
Superior ( is'nt great but its like elfin lied if it was'nt done by a gurofaggish yandere loving circlejerk)
love collage( which you see a thread for rarely even though its so fucking great)
and all kinds of shoujo manga and manwhas that never get looked at.

So what unmentioned manga's does anonymous read?

picture related( as I've never seen eat man on /a/)