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<<Why is it that Otakus all hate each other when you're all just your own people?>>

Train otakus, moe otakus, game otakus, gun otakus, etc, the list goes on and on....
With all these types of otakus, everywhere you go you'd still see otakus hating each other (when practically you're all just the same, you're otakus).

Why is that? Why cause misery to each other when it is nicer to be friendly to your fellow otakus?
"Oh I'm not a XX otaku, I'm a YY otaku, there is NOT WAY we'd unite (and be friendly)"
"What we do is obviously not disgusting compared to THOSE XX otakus. It's troubling to us if we are associated with them."
You probably wanted to say something along those lines? But then in the eyes of NORMAL people all otakus are just as disgusting. (regardless of what type of otaku you are)

This is due to the fact that, for normal people it is just common knowledge that "otakus = disgusting", that this prejudice is held against you.
It doesn't matter if you're a XX otaku or a YY otaku. It doesn't matter what type of otaku you are but for as long as you are one, then to normal people, you're disgusting and you will be discriminated.

Therefore, let's just all be friends?


More friendly than /a/.