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Do you know what's really pissing me off at the moment?

I go into a shop, go to the manga section, and what am I faced with?

There's a huge, huge market of manga from *le gasp*, the country it originates from.
There are so many titles that I would like, and many other people would too.
Drawn, written and designed by Japanese people and licensed and translated by manga companies. A huge pool of creativity and ideas, put in another dimension by interesting and cultural difference.
Devoted art, amazing styles, intriguing information, so much there.

And instead, I see the spot where Eden or Death Note could be, or hell i'll settle for Naruto or Bleach, vacated by some shitty "American" manga.
Manga? Fuck that, stick it to die in the american comic section please. And all this over tokyopop tripe taking up spots of material that could and should be from the country that defined the term "Manga"

When there is so much manga available, why the fuck am I going to want to read some webcomic artist's shit. More importantly, who the fuck is buying it?