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People are... Not equal.
Those who are born fleet of foot...
Those who are born beautiful...
Those who's parents are poor...
Those who have weak bodies...
Birth, growth and talent, all humans... Are different!

That's right, people are born to be different!
That is why people fight and compete with one another!
From there, evolution takes place.
Inequality is not evil. Equality itself is evil.
What of the EU which made their policies equal for everyone?
They have become mere spectators of a mob-ruled government!
The Chinese Federation, which made it's citizens equal, is full of negligence.

But we, Britannia, are not like that.
We fight, compete and continue to evolve!
Britannia alone is moving forward, towards the future!
My son Clovis' death is proof that Britannia is continuing to evolve.
We must fight!
Compete, take, possess, control!
Beyond that lies the future!