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ITT: /a/ Confession

After watching Clannad ep 16, I felt very horny and remembered that my 11 year old cousin came over our house because she loved playing with our two cats, so as she was sleeping, I slowly pulled out my dick and started fapping towards her face and pretended it was Kyon's face and just remembered that I wanted to cum all over her face but realized that would wake her up, so when I came, I just slowly let my load hit her mouth, I had came so much that it dripped to her cheeks. I felt so relieved but the problem was that she had MY cum on her face, so I went to find tissues and slowly and gently wiped her mouth, as I was almost done, she woke up and said "Wh..what are you doing?" She still had cum on her cheeks and some on her lips, I then said "You were snoozing so loud, so I went to see what was wrong and you were drooling everywhere, it was just disgusting" Then she started licking her lips and that's when she gave me the most fucked up glare in the world, but she just says "Okay" and goes back to bed, meanwhile I'm in my room about to have a heart attack.

What about you /a/?