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hey /a/

I've got a question if anyone has a moment. I'm sorry for asking here, but the thought of signing up on some message board just to ask this gives me a headache, so I figure it's worth a shot since I'm browsing anyway.

I'm twentyish, female, I won't show you my tits. Shoujo/generic "moe" bores me to tears, harem shows put me to sleep, and I can't take anymore shonen jump endless training montages right now. I love Akagi/Kaiji to pieces (I'd read the manga if I could find translations), and I liked Death Note, Holic, Champloo, Haruhi and found Ouran funny.

I've got a couple of days free and I'd like to find something to watch or read. I'm considering Cowboy Bebop or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei since I've heard good things about them. Is there anything else similar you think I'd enjoy, or that you'd suggest?