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/a/, what is your threshold for "used goods". I think most men accept it as a fact of life, but they do tend to draw the line. You've slept with 3 other guys? Okay. 20? Holy shit.

I am kind of extreme, which I think has been influenced by all my animu/mango watching, in that almost every girl is a virgin and saving herself for a guy. But I'm probably even more extreme than the average Japanese guy.

If I find out a girl has even kissed another guy, she immediately loses any sexual attractiveness she might have had, in my opinion. I'm not even sure if I still consider them female, more like some kind of strange asexual vaguely humanoid mass of flesh. It's really disgusting just to know some other guy has been fucking them or they've had some other guys dick or tongue in their mouth. I don't think I could even get hard knowing that a chick was already used.

So what do you think, anime ideals, or more moderate?