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Quick report over the St.Valentine day.

It started out perfectly normal, then that friend who I like pretty much (but who I got rejected by two years ago, but we had a good friendship between us) who lives far away (OTL) contacted me over MSN. She was quite irrited over the day and the fact that her Valentine-to-be turned out to be an alpha-male. She rejected him after he was an huge faggot on her.

We spoke over an hour on the subject and I managed to send her a pair of compliments. She answered "I'm happy to have you saying me that, it touches me pretty much. You are awesome too."

You don't know how happy one feels when a girl you like says. But the cherry on the topping was the fact that I received not long after that a St. Valentine card on my mobile phone. There's some people who know my number, but the phone itself, it rings once every xx months. I know it's her who sent me a that one <3. Nobody else could have thought of that just after our discussion.

But then, here comes the less happy part. She lives frikkin far. And I've already given up a 9 months relation because of the distance who made everything hard. But to meet once a while is not impossible. Plus, it may have been a matter of 14/02 impulse and nothing more...

What should I do, /a/?