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Post valentines day report from the guy who gave flowers to a girl.

So you may have seen an anon mention he was going to do this, but I actually went through with it guys. There is this cute single girl I work with and we are somewhat friends, not that close but I generally feel comfortable around her. I bought her flowers for V-day.

Here's what happened. I acted normal most of the day until it was time for her to leave and a few minutes before then I went out to my car on break and got the flowers. I bought her a small bouquet of something I can't remember what they were called, they were white. Not important. Anyway, I walk back inside, shaking, and walked up to her and handed them to her and said, "Happy Valentines day." she looked at me with complete shock, and didn't do anything for what seemed like forever, so I'm stuck there holding these flowers and wishing I could die, she snapped out of it and grabbed them from me and her face lit up. I can't believe how happy it made her and then she told me, "I didn't think I was going to get anything for valentines day."

Here's the awesome part. I channeled some energy and charisma and somehow I managed to say something so perfect without even thinking. I told her, "A pretty girl like you should get something on valentines day." and she smiled even bigger and looked incredibly happy. She hugged me and said she was heading home now but she would see me tomorrow.

I still had to work for another four more hours, but the time just flew by, nothing could touch me. I still feel like I'm 10 feet tall. Today was awesome. But now the question; what do I do when I see her again?

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