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I kick a real kick out of 'Girls Saurus', so I decided I'd try out 'Bitter Virgin' by the same author.

Jesus Christ, what a dark story...

Basically it's about a girl who was raped and impregnated as a kid by her stepfather and is now trying to live a normal life in highschool. I'd put that in spoiler tags, but it's on the back cover.

Go here and read it:

The really creepy thing is, the authress knows her stuff about the effects of childhood rape and abuse. Disassociative Disorder isn't mentioned in the first couple chapters, but it's obvious that the author is describing it pretty spot on.

She even gets the part right about people's tendancy to blame the victim and ignore their accusations if the molestor/rapist is someone they'd otherwise trust.

This is why you don't rape your lolis ,/a/ (or anyone else for that matter). The girl's sense of trust and ability to feel pleasure takes just as much, if not more injury than their body. They learn to let fear, pain, and disgust wipe out all the other emotions associated with sex.

Many never recover. Most have to struggle with it their entire lives. If they do manage to get in a relationship with someone else, then they have to deal with that pain too.

Imagine fucking someone consensually, only to have that person freeze up and start screaming because you touched them the same way Uncle Rapey did. It's happened to me... the having my girl freeze up bit. Thankfully, I personally never had an Uncle Rapey. That doesn't mean I don't have to deal with the repercussions of his crime on a daily basis.

Anyway, go read 'Bitter Virgin' and remember the whole time you're doing it that it might as well be a true story.