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/a/, if ever you think of your insignicance, in the grand scheme of things. That may be comforting, depending upn your situation. But the truth is, however you live your life, whether it is upon the hearth of loneliness or upon the cradle of yoru signifcant other. Your life is not worthless.

For it is not selfish to think 'I enjoy myself' provided ou do not finringe upon the rights of others.

I mean, basically what I try to get across from thsi is, never think you are less than human, for your sentience in itself is a gift, the very abiity you were born as one who could communicate in this manner, who could use language of whatever sub-dialect, thats an achievement, you are all worth something.

Never forget that, never slip into dispair, never forget that despair is the last road to suicide, to commitign that most hideous of all things, to end your own existence by yourself.

If other people judge you for your likes and idslikes, what does it matter? Nothimg.

Literally nothing omly what you make of it.