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As pale moonlight flooded my room, I could see I figure standing near my dresser, closing it tightly.
‘Mmm...I have the feeling this will be a nice night...’ I thought hazily to myself as the figure began to move into the moonlight, exposing its amazing beauty. The skin was glowing but not translucently or palely as one would think, it was actually tanned, glowing because of the shimmering, sparkling, diamond-like beads of sweat that covered it, glistening all over. As the figure turned even more I realized, almost starting, that it’s a girl. A very, very pretty girl. She had very shapely breasts, bare underneath a light tanktop, I could almost see her whole upper body from the way she was turned to her side. As a blanket of silky, dark hair fell over her shoulder, blocking my view of her mammaries, I noticed her corally pink lips pursed, her cute nose wrinkled, and her thin brow knitted together all in the same unknown frustration. Her eyelids opened, long, curling eyelashes fluttering upwards, revealing sparkling, vivacious olive-green eyes. This angel turned towards me slowly, starting with surprise as soon as we had made eye contact.