Chapter 4: I Finally Bag a Touhoe

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I appear to be alone again. I baw a little. Donning my sunglasses, I set off down the path, I have to get out of this stupid forest. I wish I would have taken an MP3 player or something; I'm getting really sick of nature sounds. After some time, I can see the trees thinning out up ahead. I jog, huffing and puffing. The path leads to a plain grassy field. It's not very exciting, but at least I'm out in the open and I can get the lay of the land. The field slopes gently downward to a river of sorts. My eyes follow it the left, where I can see a village. Maybe the human village? To my right, the river branches. One branch leads to a lake, the other continues to a wilder-looking forest. I'm guessing that's the lake of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and the Forest of Magic, respectively. Across from the river is a chain of sizable hills. I look behind myself and see more hills rising from the forest.

Squinting, I notice a small, dark smudge by the river. I figure it's Rumia, so I call her name. She turns around. I can't quite tell what she's up to. I make my way down to the riverbank. I'm just about out of breath at this point.