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/a/, I believe that I may be fucked up in the head for breaking taboo.

I have a female childhood cousin whom I've known for an extremely long time. Basically we grew up with each other and did lots of activities together. If it was a group thing, we'd both be involved somehow.

She really fails in looks, and had never had any boyfriends or anything. Well recently, I'd say a few months ago, she wanted to know what it was like to kiss mouth to mouth with someone. Well of course, knowing me who had never had a girlfriend either, decided to help her "practice" and the like. We've done that for a few months now, and we've touched each other, but nothing too extreme though like masturbation. We haven't had sex either.

Today was different. She came onto me harder than usual. To be concise and straight to the point, I, being the ronery fuck that I am, I had sex with her. Now I feel pretty pathetic.

Dammit /a/, have I really steeped down so low? Has roneryness really fucked my mind beyond oblivion?