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No one could ever love a monster like you, unless of course the monsters around them were even worse and Japanese males are the only ones capable of failing harder than you at life. We're talking about a country full of woman who think someone opening the door for them is straight out of an escapist romance novel. This may be your only chance and though they may not be easy on the eyes, nothing else breathing would even consider sleeping with you.

Now, I'm not saying it would be easy, your still the pathetic, hairy shell of a human being that your parents would likely have aborted if given a time machine and a coat hanger. Japanese women are still humans, you'd have to learn Japanese, exercise more, be consistently clean-shaven, learn enough about the culture to not make a 'complete' ass of yourself as a gaijin and be prepared for constant rejection as well as a near zero chance of success.

But, as mentioned before, it's this or a real doll. I wish you luck.

Pic sort of related.