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So I hear it's ronrey day, /a/?

Walking with you.
Our footsteps are light.
I wonder since when I have these feelings.
A precious treasure.
These ordinary days, every single one is special and precious.
That which taught me that they were that shining and pretty...
"Keiichi-kun, won't we go to search for treasures today? I wonder, wonder?"
I always want us to laugh.
But I wonder why...
Suddenly your back seems so pained, going far away.
Don't carry your worries all alone.
I reach out my hand but you don't even see me.
I touched your cheek, and you started shivering.
"Did Rena... do something to make Keiichi-kun angry?"
"Rena, you idiot."
I'm sorry...
I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry
I'm sorry.
Why are you so frightened?
Why is it as though you'll start to cry now?
Why does my voice... not reach you?
"I wonder whether... Keiichi-kun hates me now"
I don't want to see such a sad face on you anymore.
I want to see Keiichi-kun smiling, always.
Even if you're not beside me.
Even though it's painful... so painful.
Even if you're far away... I want you to smile.
The fear in your eyes... even if it hurts you, I won't accept it.
I'll get them back... these... precious days.
I will protect Keiichi-kun.
It's alright. It's alright.

No woman will ever feel this way about you.