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If you can keep $cientology from getting new members (and their money) and get current members (and their money) to leave the organization, the cult will die.

Info about Xenu works on non-$cienos. It doesn't work on HubbardHeads. Here's copypasta describing what does.

Being a Scientology picklehead, I know these "buttons" are the ones to press.

First, you have to understand the degree of loyalty these people have to L. Ron Hubbard. It surpasses loyalty to family, country, one's own goals and even to the Church management itself. This provides a convenient fulcrum for applying intellectual pressure on the members. Using that fact, you can split the organization like Paul Bunyan cording tonight's firewood.

You have to understand that 99.9% of Scientologists are frustrated beyond tolerance with management. I can only explain it by analogy. It's like being helplessly in love with someone who is only using you. You know something is wrong but you think you need this person. You think your life and existence depend on them so you excuse all problems as being outweighed by the positives. You cannot invalidate their beliefs. It won't work. It just makes them more certain they are right. You cannot understand why someone gets addicted to Scientology unless you've been there. Just accept that they are without knowing why. If I told you, you wouldn't believe it.