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Oh, what a day we've had, oh ho.

Me and mai waifu woke up extra early to clean off the snow, then rushed to school and back. She said she was going out for a minute, which really translates to 'I hid my gift for you at my parents' house', but it also meant it was time for me to ready my surprise for her. She got back and was aghast; an entire table filled with sugary concoctions and some of her favorite candy. She couldn't help herself and dug right in. Oh man, it was adorable. I also sprung the surprise to her that I finally got that new job! It's not much, just part time, but it pays better and has better hours. So now we're going to go out to eat diner tonight, and until then we're going to go see a movie.

Life's good, /a/non. Life is good...