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I know this is my first post and I do need some help and I know that this is an appropriate forum to do so. I would like some help in these areas, please and I thank you. Here they are:

1) I am in the need of some help in getting web sites and/or pictures of uncensored Tentacle Sex pics without the censor mosaic. The web sites need to be FREE AND I MEAN FREE and if you have the pictures please send them to:

I do have AOL IM and below are my handles and if you want to transfer them that way, it will be fine as well. I thank you for your help.

2) How can we tell the various hentai artists that its ok to show gentitals in art? I understand that the Japanese Government resinded the law of showing genitals in art.

3) I am looking for an artist to do some pictures for me on BloodRayne, Vanessa Z. Schneider, and Sarah Kerrigan, either non nudes, nudes, or sex pictures. I am on Social Security Income and only things I can afford is my rent, food, and bills. I can't get some artist to do some pics, because of that. I get SSI because I am partially disabled. I am looking for some Pro-Bono stuff done. I can send you some reference stuff to give you some ideas. I love your art and I would like to see him draw the babes I name above. Can you please help? Thank you.

4) Is there any sites that don't have any censored mosaics as in can anyone please send me any uncensored hentai sites that you have?

Gen. Chris Hanssen
General Of The BloodRayne-Sarah Kerrigan Liberation Front
"Quiet, I'm good at this!" BloodRayne
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