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See this bitch with a crazy motherfucking hat? That's Suwako fucking Moriya, the the finest shit in Touhoe. She better than all those other asshammers by about a googol fucking miles. You know you fucking love her like you love stroking your dick in front of your shitty-ass computer.

-She's a motherfucking god, jesus christ.
-She's moe, which is Jappo speak for "I want to fuck her raw and bleeding." I dunno how those Japs say all that shit with three letters. Crazy motherfuckers.
- She has motherfucking frogs partying it up on her clothes. Jesus shitter look at those fuckers. It's like one of them got away with a motherfucking bank robbery. Except for that one faggot sitting all alone. What a fucking loser.
-She can create earth, which is the best fucking power ever. Remember who the leader of the fucking Planeteers was? That's right, the nigger with fucking earth powers. Fuck, could you imagine walking down the street, when some fuckface starts getting all up in your grill? You just make a giant fucking rock and BAM faggot's done like motherfucking dinner.

In conclusion, Suwako is the best fucking character ever and if you disagree you're fucking retarded, go shoot yourself shitrape.