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In honor of the ronriest day of the year for /a/nons everywhere, I decided to channel my ronery writing muse and write a small poem (that's just vague enough for self-substitution for just about anyone), and seeing how /a/ is always 4chan capital of ronery, I can't think of any better place for it than here:

>That innocent little adorable face
>Against the winter sky.
>Rarely it seems to glance at me.
>Perhaps it is rather shy?

>That petite body in perfect form,
>Quite an enchanting thing.
>Might one ask for its hand,
>On which to place a ring?

>That cute and tiny high-pitched voice,
>With a melancholy tone.
>Would you let me hear it once more,
>So that I may not feel so alone?

>That attractive manner of speaking politely,
>Despite how nervous you may appear.
>That bold courage to proclaim from your heart,
>Will you lend some to me, my dear?

>I felt the need to write these things down
>For reasons unbeknownst to me.
>Maybe some good shall come of them in time,
>But for now, we will wait and see.

Pic slightly related.