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Several hours later, Tsuruya lounged by the pool sans bikini and watched Yuki doing her laps again. This time, however, was much more fun.

A brief foray into Haruhi’s summer home had turned up plenty of ammunition for Tsuruya’s sexual fantasies. Among the expensive lingerie and designer clothes were a supply of waterproof body-paints, various substances of intoxicating or stimulating nature, and a treasure chest’s worth of sex toys ranging from simple vibrators to contraptions Tsuruya couldn’t name. The emerald-haired girl had searched the house from top to bottom and brainstormed long and hard to come up with something suitable to abuse the generosity of her host. The result was far from disappointing.

She turned on her side, letting the warmth of the artificial lights soak into her breasts, and watched Yuki climbing up out of the pool for the eighth time. Lavender hair shimmered in a quick shake of the head, tossing a spray of moisture around. Pale skin glistened under a sheen of chlorinated water. Yuki’s nipples rose proudly to the cool night air as she took a deep breath, arching her back and rising up on her toes. Her arms swung up over her head, stretching out, and her leanly toned figure drew the eye naturally to that throbbingly erect pillar rising from her seat of her loins. It was so red as to be almost purple now and twitched so violently as Yuki stretched that Tsuruya could hear the wet slap of that stiff prick swatting the lavender-haired girl’s sleek abdomen.