How to get a girlfriend:

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First you need a connection to a social gathering. Make friends with the asshole who always brags about the girls hes bagged. Do it faggot.

Before the social gathering, drink or smoke some weed to get social. Don't forget to wear clothes that don't make you look like a faggot.

Find a bitch you like. Approach her and say hello. Appear confident and have a strong personality. Talk about bullshit (I walk by them and yell "What I didn't hear you" often they say something like "What?! or "I didn't say anything.""and I start introducing myself. Most of them will talk to you cause they're pussies themselves and don't want to seem impolite.

Simply find a common interest and start going from there. Keep talking more and more sexual things, until its time to fuck her. I had better not lost you.