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Who are you going to spend Valentines day with?

I hate to say it, but I'm going to be by myself this year. It seems like no one in Gensokyo even remembered to give me any valentines. Isn't that funny? I tried to ask Marisa about it but she said she was too busy and had some stuff to do at the Hakurei shrine. It's alright though, I've got Hourai and Shanghai to keep me company and we're going to make some valentines chocolate maybe just in case someone comes over and wants some chocolate. I'd really like if someone came over, just once. We could drink tea and have chocolate and I could show them my lovely doll collection. I want to show Marisa but she always says she's busy and has to go to the Hakurei shrine. I wonder what she does there? It must be quite an exciting place, but when I try to go there Reimu just tells me to go away and leave her and Marisa alone. It makes me feel a bit sad, but I can always come home and tell Hourai and Shanghai about it. They listen to me. They're good dolls. They never call Alice names like "creepy", "leaks poop" and "freak".