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/a/, I need some help.

I started buying and reading Akira, and now because of my horrible luck for things like these; Volume 3 has disappeared off the face of the Earth. Every site I try says it's out of stock, unavailable, out of print etc. I checked my local comic book store and they were missing only vol 3 of course. They asked if I would like them to order it for me, to which they never replied since they probably can't find it either. Here are some of the places I've checked. - Out of Stock
;qid=1202946719&sr=8-1 - one used copy for 300bux
h+Books%3a+%2527akira+3%2527 - temporarily unavailable - Out of stock - SOLD OUT

Here's where you can help me. What are some reliable places to order manga from? Shipping to Canada is a must, but at this point I don't mind paying outrageous shipping fees. Does anyone know why it is so damn hard to find? Is it changing publishers maybe?

tl;dr: Where can I order manga? Why is Akira Vol 3 so damn hard to find?